Ok, I’m saying it. Out loud, in front of  God and everybody. What I won’t do is argue about it or apologize for it. I agree with the ban on allowing refugees into this country. We have only shut out a few countries, and only temporarily. I say shut them all out, indefinitely, until we get ourselves right first. No, I’m not afraid they’re all violent. No, I don’t think they’re all terrorist cults. No, I don’t worry they’re here to force their religion on me. I simply worry about our interior situation first and foremost. I worry about the American people, the forgotten, that need to be taken care of, the ones that should take precedence over people from other countries and I firmly believe that Mr. Trump does too. He’s working to fix American problems, he’s putting the American people first. It baffles me why more people can’t step back, take a look at the big picture and see that. Right now, what we need is to work on our homeland, instead of bringing in refugees and immigrants. When people see a homeless adult American, they automatically say get a job. Most of these people would love to. Have you stopped to talk to one? Most had jobs, good ones. Now they don’t even have a decent set of clothes. Their job was farmed out overseas, so corporations could save money on labor, or take advantage of tax breaks. You have American people on the streets with PhD’s that even McDonalds won’t hire. It’s a sad day, when they’re eager to work anywhere for just enough money to get off the street. They don’t expect The Ritz Carlton, just a roof, maybe heat and a/c. You also find the mom with a hungry child or children to feed, the shelter won’t always let her in. She’s left out on the street trying to keep her child or children warm, and figuring out a way to feed them tonight. She used to own a decent home, she’s well educated and has a decent skill-set. She’d gladly take a job, but has no family she can turn to for support or help. She wants to work again, but workers in Pakistan now do her job for a fraction of what she made. Her profession in accounting is rendered obsolete. Even if she got a job, who’d babysit? The waiting list for child care help is over a year long and the list for housing assistance isn’t even taking applications in the foreseeable future. She’s on Welfare you say? Do you know about Welfare? TANF is what counts as Welfare in my state. Full benefits are around $200 per month and not per child. It barely covers basic necessities. No chance for housing or regular child care. Whatever her circumstance, here she is living on the street.  Her story is more common than you can imagine. Across the street from her is a single, suffering veteran, living on our streets lacking the basic necessities in life, needing medical care, or a decent place to live. He’s wrapped up in his army blanket, because he was so mentally broken his family couldn’t deal with his illness anymore. On the other hand, maybe he was so deranged, he left his family because he felt he was a danger to his wife and children. Possibly, he didn’t have time for a family before he enlisted and came home so disturbed that he would never inflict his mental condition on other people, so he bears it alone. For God’s sake, while the righteous indignant are matching for rights with pink hats on their heads, who’s marching for him? Who’s carrying a flag for these veterans? Who’s demanding something be done for him and others like him? The answer is no one. No one wants to admit this is how the single greatest military force in the world is taken care of when they get home from war. No one wants to broadcast the sad truth. The reality is that a great many of our vets are living on the streets, homeless, freezing or suffering in the heat, nothing to call their own, lacking basic healthcare, not to mention the psychiatric care for the scars from brutal times of battle where counseling, therapy and medication are so desperately needed, but not made readily available . Many vets commit suicide everyday, hopeless, without anywhere else to turn. By all means help others, assist refugees, regardless of sex, race, religion or country of origin, I do believe that’s what America was originally built for, “Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses” but nowhere in that speech does it say to do it at the emotional expense, the cost of dignity, or while allowing the outright suffering in the lives of our own natural born citizens. Nowhere in there does it say send your military off to War and leave them laying in the street, homeless to die by their own hand when they return. Nowhere in that speech, does it say, leave America’s men, women and children living in poverty. No where in that speech does it say, leave them lacking basic human needs and huddled without decent protection from the elements while inviting in refugees,providing them all of the above, while ignoring the plight of our own citizens. Now you’re all worked up and indignant, hemhawing about how Mr. Trump closing borders is not about any of this. You claim it’s an attack, it’s discrimination. No, it’s him standing by the promise he made to make America great again. It’s putting American people before outsiders. He never said we wouldn’t help the refugees or the immigrants, he said we needed stronger rules to do it and we needed to step back and help Americans first. I’m sorry if it’s not a popular opinion. I’m not sorry that I believe it and it’s my opinion. I’m not sorry it isn’t going to change.  While many of you agree with the sentiment, you are angry that he is making moves you don’t like and showing it with the #notmypresident hashtags. Well, guess what? Here’s my hashtag #heismypresident. He is a man, a man with a flawed past, a man who’s done some things in the past he’s not proud of, by the way, are you proud of every single thing you’ve ever done in your life? If you are, you’re one up on me. He’s a man with a family, they may have more money than yours, but he loves his wife and kids just as much as you do. In the end, he’s still, first and foremost, a man who puts his pants on one leg at a time every morning just like you do. Before you throw rocks at him, make sure your own glass house is free of any sin, past and present. Are you ready for the stones to be thrown your way? So, for all his faults, and I understand the list is extremely long, which many of you will be proud to enumerate (please do not). At least in this one thing, I can say with absolute certainty, our President, Mr. Trump, and I are on the same page. At this point in time, we have no business taking responsibility for people in other countries. We should be looking inward and working on ourselves. At this time, especially in this vitally important area, we do indeed need to be putting America first.