I am angry…very angry indeed! I am a gamer, a geek, a fan girl, a writer, an artist, a lover of fun. I am weird. I am twisted. I do crazy shit on a regular basis. Why? Because I feel like it today. I’m tired of all you sanctimonious assholes and your judgement. From this moment on, if you open your self righteous mouth, I will shatter your glass house with my rocks, I will post your idiotic opinions for the world to laugh at with my own slicing and dicing comebacks on every social media outlet I am a member of, and I don’t honestly know of many I’m not, including YouTube and Vine. Please note that all my accounts are connected. With the push of one button anything posted here appears on every social media account out there. I will make sure you are splattered all over every one for all to see, and point out your stupidity while cracking jokes, making memes and generally causing you to be the biggest laughing stock I can create. Yep, I know your solutions, no hate, no negativity, turn the other cheek, be nice, don’t look, scroll on, don’t respond, don’t spread the mean things. Guess what? Tried that for several months now, it hasn’t worked. Fuck it. I’m putting on the hat to remind you who wears it. My monkeys fly, and I am the ringleader of my circus. If you post it on my comment section, on my page, make sure you’ve thought about it, more than once, checked your facts, thought about it some more and considered whether or not you can handle what comes next. Before you post that, ask yourself whether we have interacted personally before or not, will I recognize your name on my Facebook? If so it makes you safe from backlash. Ask yourself if you are completely secure in your post on my account there. I am officially done with being lectured, being called names, hearing  I am being prayed over for a blessing from God to correct my evil ways. (suck my Ouija board, the Tarot cards say I’m fine). I’m done hearing serious recommendations that I need psychiatric help, told that I need medication or to talk to a therapist to work on my mental health. I’m sick of offers for suicide prevention counseling, if you’ve ever been truly suicidal, which I have, this is just insulting. I don’t need recommendations for AA meetings, my alcohol tolerance is laughable. I will not tolerate private messages questioning my parenting or hearing the things I do are affecting my child, who by the way, is an awesome 18 year old and probably reading this now while laughing at you. I am a heartless, ice cold, flaming Bitch from this point forward. If you are not a person in my circle and I have not interacted with you personally before, you have nothing to say on my Facebook that I want to hear and I don’t want to see your dick in my PM box. I am married, I am not available, do not PM me, do not hit on me, my husband carries an axe and he is a territorial, jealous man, so just don’t. Now, in addition to that, if you can’t take a joke, understand sarcasm and reply with at least a modicum of the same, if you can’t laugh or shake it off when you don’t like it, if you’re out to change my religion or educate me about God, my opinion is that going to church doesn’t make me any closer to God than standing in the car wash makes me closer to being a car. Both take my money, leave scars in my paint that don’t go away and leave me stranded alone with bad feelings in the end. If you don’t have a sense of humor, (preferably dark and twisted) and you try to answer my humor with a serious, condescending attitude as if I am a 4 year old asking a serious question about something that is obviously rhetorical, I will crucify you with your own inconsistencies. If you can’t generally accept that I will make fun of EVERYTHING at any given moment, any second or day of the week without warning and without reservation, including myself, and most likely piss off, at least some part/group of society, intellectual, sect, fandom, cult, religious group, stereotype, feminist belief, offended rights group, animal lover, male or female ego or Hell, even Club Penguin. If you can’t take it, scroll here when you feel strong and stay away from the Facebook Page. Life will be easier that way for sensitive people.