Good news, I have decided upon the daily sarcastic inquiring post. It’s probably offensive, could be downright rude and quite irreverent. Today, however,  I am genuinely not trying to be terribly political. I completely realize vehement argument and flaming will most likely ensue. I thrive on your overwhelming veracity to make a point, fire away. I will sip coffee and read with glee. I will not argue, but I have some mighty fine inquiries in reserve. All polite, curious and non inflammatory on my part. I really am researching while trying to have fun and truly understand without perpetuating the hate. Even from my own friends with different view points. That’s what friends do, they help each other to consider new perspective and hopefully learn new ways or viewpoints. If not, they remain friends who agree to disagree. I can love you with all my heart and think you are the most amazing person on Earth without thinking exactly like you. Conversations would be truly boring if everyone was a sheeple. I realize and
validate your cause is impassioned, but let’s lighten up and learn from each other please, as intellectual individuals.

 Here goes..I got up this morning, made coffee, checked my gun rack, took my meds, sent my kids to school, kissed my husband and received compliments on my perfume, my clothing and hairstyle. I continue to be maintained and treated like a spoiled Princess by a man. Can I make it alone, Hell yes! Do I WANT TO? Hell No! Do I think I’m being objectified or demeaned? Nope. I’m being treated like a woman, I am not a man. I don’t want a tender high five in the morning. 

Basically, as near as I can tell from my deplorable, backwater, hick town, my own words, nothing is any different than it was 1 year ago, 10 days ago or 5 days ago. I can have, or do anything I could do then, now. I personally, do not feel fearful or threatened by the change of leadership. As near as I have seen, all the rights offered to me are just what they were 365 days ago and just as they were 2 hours ago. I truly, no sarcasm intended, no snark, do not understand the utter perpetuation and distraught sense of disastrous fear spreading around the US. Please enlighten me, banter, discuss, debate, give me sources, named, creditable sources. Point out a genuine reason why I should Change my view away from Trump based on actual fact, not CNN or FOX NEWS. I’m open minded, I’m well rounded. I’m willing to discuss or debate a topic in a civil tone. I’m also not afraid to check and block your ass if you get way out of hand with the overly stupid or downright  “my way or the highway ” name calling or abusive comments. Flame Mode: