It’s time for a lesson, I’d like to call Bad idea,Worse idea. Well, because, there really is no good idea. I’d like to say, up front, I don’t encourage or agree with either. Some girls see it as an opportunity, in which case, I kind of see the point. It won’t last forever, but neither does any other job. They do get some perks out of it, and I can say without shame that I do know some pretty fantastic young women who raised pretty amazing kids and started off successful lives practicing a Bad Idea. However, The Worse Idea is what is really bothering me today. That idea is just plain lazy ass irresponsible sponging hoe syndrome with enormous Daddy issues. If you can’t be independent, take care of your damn self, live life and take care of shit like a grown up without a man in your life and you’re chosen goal in life is to be a Whore, be a good one for God’s sake. Free Country and all, if that’s your life mission, good for you! Dammit, learn to excel, make it a career, get up and show up! Talk to a better class of Whore. Aspire to be her! Take notes, see how she maintains herself, keeps nice clothes, a nice ride, kids taken care of, bills paid AND a place of her own. She juggles those men with efficiency! I bet she has her own appointment book. Chances are, listen closely, they aren’t her ex-fiances, best friends, half brother’s, broke-ass tattooed, wife-beater, internet hook-up from Hillbilly Hell. They probably dabble in oil, drive a Jag, see her during school hours away from their wives and her children leave money on the dresser for cute lingerie and the electric bill and don’t expect phone calls or clingy texts. Thus, a smart Whore is free to do as she pleases, while providing for, parenting and raising her children, taking part in all their activities and being a good Mother, keeping HER activities AWAY from her kids. There are no midnight evictions, impounded cars, impending arrests, flashing lights to interrupt their sleep, or strange assholes pounding holes in walls and one of those assholes is certainly NOT their mother. Because the things in that last sentence, ladies, those are The Worse Idea. If you need more references for the Bad Idea, while still not technically good, but better, please see YouTube for “Sugar Baby” There was a video here on Facebook the other day I’m sure could have given you some pointers, but alas it is lost to me now. If your aspirations of Good Whoredom are true though, I’m sure you could find it.
Now, I know this has been a long and painful post for you. There will be most likely be NO counseling and your bills will still be due. I have Kleenex, I expect tears. However, I must now make my disclaimers for butthurt purposes.

This post is sarcasm folks, any self identifications you may find are purely coincidental, they are in fact NOT (in fact probably are) directed at you. (If the shoe fits, it’s your own damn fault, Lace the Bitch up and wear it Whore.)

For all the empowered, marching, offended, women: Dear Young women, this is not a choice you should make. Your bodies are not objects to be used or paid for by men. If you are mistreated, come South my dear, find a Texas girl. We will teach you how to Chancla, What an equalizer is, How to Bless a Heart with an Iron Skillet, Why we are in fact NOT demeaned by being a Princess born and raised, why a pickup man is HOT, how come his tractor is SEXY, why you need a gun and what to do with it. Yes, I know you are further offended now…