All the things. All the things in your head. Circles and running and spirals and swirling. It rushes and whooshes and mixes. It masquerades as you, pretending to be thoughts. In reality it’s the chaos of shaky, trembling, What if, How Come? Why? When? Could of…Should of…Maybe… Probably..Can I?…Did I?…WTF?..Who?..How??…Yes..No. It never stops, it never slows, it never ends. Your mind never closes, never rests, never takes a breath. It’s one big forward rollercoaster movement on to the next cycle of thought. A whole shift of paradigm to a new plane of reality just as intense as the last where we start over with all the things. All the things that give no peace, all the things burned into our eyelids that play into our own personal version of Hell every minute of every day and every night. It never rests, it just continues silently like white noise in the background. Sometimes you want to take a drill and see if you can get it out, but no, it doesn’t leave. It just moves somewhere else and starts over with all the things, all the things in your head that circle and swirl around behind the person you pretend to be every day. All the things, being silently tormented in the swooshing, never sleeping abyss of Demons that peek out from the eyes behind your masks. All the things that need to come out before you can find rest. All the things you desperately need to share with someone but no one will understand. They roil and roll in endless possibilities offering redemption or damnation in equal turns. Sometimes a final ending, an everlasting peace, but that too is a lie told by all the things. They’ll never let you go. Once they get you in their grip, you float, you sway, you cry, you scream, you plead, finally you begin to demand. It ends, long enough, a matter of seconds, long enough to torture you with hope. You begin to bargain with I won’t..Boom! Laughter…It begins again with all the things….In the end, what it really boils down to is ALL THE THINGS. 
Never poke at what you cannot put back in the box. Leave All the Things quietly alone as you pass.