She stood stock still taking in her new surroundings.  As she began to walk, she left foot prints of fire and blood in her wake. The hell hounds walked beside her, treasured pets. The people scrambled, like the peasants they were, to clear her path. On she walked, the Demon hordes following in her wake. Ripping, clawing, tearing…it had been so long since they’d had real flesh to devour. With a whistle, she called them to her, red eyes filling with the flame that so obviously burned inside her. Even the black of her hair shone with fiery highlights, almost like a halo. She laughed at the thought. It was a beautiful laugh, one designed to lure people in, draw them close so she could feast upon the evil in their souls. Men dared to move closer. Fearing, yet wanting to bask in the sound of her laughter, wishing she would speak. She did not, and would not. Not yet anyway, not until it was time. Slowly, she cocked her head to the side, listening. Yes, that was it, the sound she had been so patiently awaiting. He came, he always came for her. Theirs was a love that had crossed time and was destined to last for eternity. Slowly she reached out her hand, not looking, just knowing his would be there to take it. She was finally content. She ascended the last steps from the gates. Hell followed in her bloody, fiery footsteps and beside her was Death riding his pale horse and claiming the woman he loved.