Well here we are people, on the cusp of another week.  A week of work, a week of vacation, a week long drunken binge, or hell, maybe just a week of retreat into our own minds. Whichever is your choice, I will be here hanging out near the Pineapple bush on the pink beaches of the Astral Plane with my spotted Zebra, who’s name happens to be Zorf. Spotted Zebras are a rare thing, and Zorf is particularly special because he always hangs out in my head when I need encouragement. We have the best conversations, and he always offers wise advice and sometimes rum when things are particularly stressful. I don’t always listen, because the unicorns who also inhabit my brain outnumber Zorf and sometimes their ideas are just too much fun to refuse. I have several other personalities, making for a wide menagerie of weirdness running around inside my head. You never know who might surface and talk to you next. Sadly, we’re running short on time tonight. Zorf just reminded me we must be up and in the shower by 4:30am. He tortures me by withholding coffee and a few minutes of computer time until after I’ve showered and am completely ready for work. I think this is mean, and accuse him of secretly being an agent of the Dark Side. Seriously, he won’t even let me have cookies for breakfast. Wait, that might prove he isn’t on the Dark Side. I hear they have fantastic cookies over there, I need to think about this. Oh well, thoughts for another post. Right now though, Zorf and all our other friends want to wish you the best possible week, filled with happiness, love and above all peace. Namaste, my friends and good night!