Things I think about while I’m being an insomniac:

1. Leaving the tops of the windows down, while the bottoms are closed, makes the house much cooler for the day. Yes, I know all about how heat rises and cool stays lower, so I understand. It just makes me go hmmm…. Because, well, windows are supposed to be windows right?
2. Why can’t I get something to shut off my head? The circles it runs through instead of sleeping are really exhausting.
3. Qwan (my toy chi-pom) has suddenly become a little asshole. I know he’s jealous of the new puppy, but he always comes to mama. Now we aren’t speaking and he won’t come out of his room. I’m depressed. I thought only teenagers were supposed to act like that.
4. I wonder when I’ll get off my ass and actually buy me a new coffeepot. I’ve been settling for instant for a while now. I’m still not ready to commit to a certain kind of coffee machine. I’m pretty sure I can’t sneak one out of Starbucks, so I’ll have to choose. I like the idea of a Keurig, because my coffee would always be fresh. Having one in reality, creeps me out because of all the horror stories I’ve seen about them growing mold. I can’t breathe anyway, so I can’t have mold in my coffee. Do you think I have commitment issues, or am I overthinking the coffeepot? hmm.
5. Most people have probably already stopped reading this because it’s a long post. What’s up with that? Isn’t that the purpose of Social Media? Read my weirdness people. READ IT.
6. Am I the only one that checks, and re-checks, their grammar and spelling before actually hitting post? I’m a grammar Nazi and a spelling Wizard. Bad writing just annoys me.
7. Speaking of grammar and spelling, I hate the abbreviations people use in texts these days. If I care enough to text you, I text in complete grammatically correct sentences. If you get a text from me using U, R, B4 or C, instead of real words, dial 911! I’m in the trunk and someone has my car, kids and phone.
8. Why is it taking so long for Finding Dory to come out? Maybe I should just shut up and re-watch Finding Nemo.
9. I just watched Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. I’m a grown woman who feels sorry for Sid the Sloth because he wants kids so bad he’ll steal some!
10. Since I’ve worked so hard to lose a little over 90 lbs., will I let myself buy shorts to wear outside this year? No, probably not. It’s nothing to do with body image, I’m me and I’m learning to love that, but I think shorts make my legs look, well, short. Yes, again, this is just part of my weirdness. I’m a summer dress kind of girl.
11. Shoes. I HATE them. Whoever invented them should be shot! I bet I have less shoes than 90% of other women. Seriously – If you see me buying anything other than flip-flops year round, again call 911. Someone is trying to kidnap me and I am signaling you!
12. I wonder if I can buy Super Hero skins for my Oxygen Concentrater like I can for the PS3 or the XBox. That would be cool. Stop right there, this is my stealing. Everyone wants their Concentrater to look hip while they’re out and about, right?
13. I like typing Concentrater because it’s driving spell check crazy. It can’t suggest a correct spelling either. Concentrater, Concentrater, Concentrater. Ok, I’m done now. and yes, I’m four and my tired is starting to show.
14. You know I couldn’t just stop at 13, that’s unlucky. I wonder if I’ll enjoy the Lady Death movie that’s on Amazon Prime? Going to try it later today.
Nope that’s it for now. Guess I’ll go stare at the insides of my eyelids for a while or, at least look at crochet patterns for a while. G’night ya’ll!