Ok, so I eat cottage cheese with pineapple chunks in it. I can buy it this way at any local store, but sometimes I’m a cheap chickie and I decide I can make things myself. So, cottage cheese with pineapple chunks handmade saves money and leaves me a glass of pineapple juice. I like pineapple juice, in fact I don’t just like it, I love it. Anyway, so there in the fridge sits this innocent glass of pineapple juice while I nom, nom, nom, all the chunks and the cottage cheese. It looked lonely sitting there, lonely and yummy. I grabbed it off the shelf and as I was drinking, I suddenly had one of those moments where you get sucked into a memory. Usually, this is a scary ass experience ending with tears and a pounding headache. I think today is progress, because today’s memory was happy. For a brief second, I was back to being 14 years old sitting poolside looking out over the ocean on St. Kitts. The breeze was cool, the night air smelt like ocean and sweet flowers. The band was playing a song called “Yellow Bird”. I was sipping pineapple juice with an umbrella in it and watching(flirting with) the boy at the next table who was all dark and sexy. I later found out he was close to my age, being 16, and from Venezuela. I remember that, but not his name. I remember dancing with him there on the patio of the resort in the moonlight wishing that moment in time could last forever. Today for about 10 seconds it came back, I was there under the stars in a strangers arms and happy about it. This never happens, I can’t stand to be touched. Who was that girl? Where did she go? I wonder about her now and I’m pushing for more of her memories. Let’s all cross our fingers I can find some more good ones!