She woke in the air conditioned cool and pulled the covers back up over her head. There was absolutely no need to be up at this time of morning, it was only 4am. Sleepily, because going back to sleep was obviously not an option, she pushed the covers back, grabbed her phone, Kindle and the ever important inhaler and went in search of something to wear. Settling on a red sundress that required no ironing and little effort to slip on, she wandered out into the un-airconditioned part of the house. The breeze coming through the bathroom window was still cool, smelling of honeysuckle and freshly dug earth. She didn’t know why, but it was a comforting smell. One she stopped to enjoy as she checked on the little one to make sure he still slept and that the Mickey Mouse DVD was still doing the Magic Clubhouse thing. There was no sound from the older one’s room, then again that didn’t mean much, he was the nocturnal one and probably wouldn’t even surface until after 3pm.  Content that she had the house to herself for a little while, and savoring every minute, she moved down the hallway to the kitchen, greeting the dogs who waited anxiously to get out the back door. Yawning, she opened the door for them and liking the smell of the lavender bush outside the backdoor, she left it open so they could come and go freely for a while.  Moving over to the sink, she pulled the coffeepot over and began the morning ritual that gave her life and energy for what was to come.  Maybe today she would finish clearing off the table and get the table cloth and cover on.  She really should do that.  Tapping her foot, she waited for the pot to make enough coffee to pour a cup and after getting a steaming breath of life, moved on into the living room to find her favorite mindless TV, Red Dwarf. Flipping on an episode, she settled back and picked up her crochet. It was going to be a market bag, for a crochet challenge that went through the month of June. It didn’t look like much yet, but the pattern explained everything so hopefully this one would turn out well enough to submit for the contest. After that there were the sock owls, the sock monkey and a hundred other little crafty projects she wanted to do. None of these made any money yet, just offered the satisfaction of having created something with her own hands. They grant the gift of comfort and some quiet to a constantly active mind. She picked up the pattern and started on the next round as the theme song played in the background of her mind.